“I have had the opportunity to  know John Upchurch since our time going to school at Ormond Beach Junior High and graduating from Seabreeze.  I earned my CPA and am a Partner in one of the largest professional services firms in the world.   As a long-term friend I can attest to John’s strong character.  As a business person, with significant experience working both in the United States and internationally, I can vouch for John’s comprehension of the important role the financial markets play in America’s economy, and the important role America plays in the World.  Finally, as a CPA, I can assure you John knows how to balance a check book, which most of the folks currently spending our money in D.C. do not seem to be able to grasp.  My family’s home is located in District 6; I want John Upchurch representing me and my family in Washington.”

Brian Gleason , CPA

“In all the years I have known John he has been an unflinching and tireless advocate for diversity and inclusion. He has been a mentor and friend who supports the issues that matter to women – pay equity, affordable child and healthcare and reproductive choice. John cares and listens.”

Karen Leetzow , Senior Vice President-Deputy General Counsel- NASCAR

“I have known John Upchurch since he was a little boy. He was always well mannered and a pleasure to have in my home and play with my children. He was in my soccer car pool and was a peacemaker if the other boys got rambunctious. John Upchurch  has grown into a thoughtful, intelligent young man with a wonderful family. I have seen his commitment to his family and the dedication to our community first hand in his volunteer activities. I am happy that he has agreed to run for Congress. John Upchurch is an excellent choice to represent our area in Congress.”

Georgia M. Kaney

“I coached John in Little League baseball. Even at the age of eleven and twelve, John was a great all-around athlete and a team leader; all the other players looked up to him. He was positive, enthusiastic and great to be around. I have had the opportunity to see John Upchurch raise his family and run a successful business here in Volusia County. He will be a fantastic congressman for our district.”

Lowell Lohman , Local Small Businessman and Community Philanthropist

“John Upchurch has shown he has the ability, energy and leadership skills to be our next Congressman. He will balance fiscal responsibility with social responsibility. It’s the change we need now in Washington!”

Nancy Lohman , Lohman Funeral Homes

“I’ve known John and his family most of my life, he is a hard working person dedicated to his family and community. I support John because of his intelligence, integrity and his ability to advocate for our district. “

Gary Crotty , Chief Administration Officer, Chief Legal Officer, Executive Vice President and Secretary at International Speedway Corp. since April 2015. General Counsel and Secretary of NASCAR since 2006

“I’ve personally known and worked with John for almost 20 years. His experience and knowledge of working directly with people and dealing with their issues will allow him be a success in Congress. This experience along with being a business owner and trial attorney will bring a depth of knowledge that many do not possess in public office.”

Lewis M. Heaster , Lewis Heaster Properties