John Upchurch speaks to Flagler Democrats

John Upchurch is a fresh start to the past two decades of ineffective, do-nothing Washington politics. The 6th Congressional District needs a real-world, experienced advocate to stand up to Washington insiders and serve our diverse community.

“We must not ignore our greatest generation that has been asked to tighten its belts and now depends on us for support and care.”

John Upchurch has worked in our community as an attorney, businessman and respected civic leader for many years and has raised his family and lived among us his entire life.

The District needs a home-grown representative we know and trust and who has lived with the local issues that define us. We need someone who will take on the bully, President Trump, and who is a voice of reason with common sense solutions.

John Upchurch Pledges to Serve District 6

John Upchurch will fight Republican attempts to cut Social Security and will work to ensure benefits keep up with the cost of living.

John Upchurch believes every American has the right to high-quality, affordable health care.

As a small business owner himself, John Upchurch will be a voice for small business in Washington.

John Upchurch is ready to introduce legislation to put millions to work updating our nation's crumbling infrastructure.

John Upchurch has a four-point plan to end gun violence and fight for universal background checks.

It's time to find a solution to the opioid crisis. John Upchurch will make it happen.

Every child has a right to an education, regardless of where they live. John Upchurch will stand up for public education.

Florida's economy depends on our natural resources. John Upchurch will be a staunch defender of the environment.


John Upchurch's commitment to Florida's 6th Congressional District comes from his deep roots in the area. As a lifelong resident of the District and small business owner, he understands what hard-working Central Floridians need.

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